QISHENG Packing Machinery Company

With 20 years experience in manufacturing carton box machinery, QISHENG is never an ordinary and small packing machinery supplier. We have been always committed to providing the most professional solutions for carton plants all over the world. Now, we have developed an wide assortment of carton machinery, including standard carton production line, special carton production line, single face corrugated board production line, multi-wall corrugated board production line, cardboard laminating machine, glue  machine, slitter scorer, printer slotter, die cutter, automatic stitcher, etc. These products give you all the high quality, high automation, easy operation, low maintenance and great productivity at an amazingly affordable price. They have won great praise in global printing and packaging industries. Just tell us what you need, we will offer you the optimal solution. More

    1. High Speed Automatic Printer Slotter and Die Cutter

      The high speed automatic printer slotter and die cutter is specially designed for unique corrugated cardboard converting. It combines robust construction with user friendly features to achieve remarkable quality. This high speed automatic flexo printing slotting and die cutting machine is controlled by PLC program.

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    1. Automatic Cardboard Feeding Printer Slotter

      This automatic feeding printing and slotting machine employs a continuous paper feeding device that dwarfs manual single-sheet feeding and ensures straight paperboard traveling. It can not only increase working efficiency but also considerably reduce labor strength as well as rejection rate.

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    1. Automatic Flexo Printing and Die Cutting Machine

      The carton production line features compact structure, easy operation, simple adjustment, great performance and high efficiency. It is perfect for carton industry to produce high end cartons and is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of special cartons or carton boxes.
      The auto-feed unit of our automatic paper-feeding printer and die cutter utilizes screw rod adjusting mechanism to adjust paperboard size.

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    1. Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine

      The pressure roll covered by a layer of rubber mat is provided with an electric grinding device which is used to repair the roll. Such repair can be repeated 2-3 times.
      The automatic carton die cutter is typically designed with an air powered elevator mechanism for the die cut roll. Pneumatic lifting and falling is convenient for die cutting and can prolong service life of the pressure roll.

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    1. 3 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

      The products produced by this highly efficient cardboard machinery boast extremely high quality that complies with national standard. Due to centralized control, this carton production line equipment features simple operation, low maintenance and high safety as well as consideration induction of labor strength.

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    1. 5 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

      Thanks to the high temperature heat transfer oil that is used as heat source of the whole corrugated paperboard machine, over 60% energy can be saved when compared with stream heating. Therefore, energy consumption can be greatly reduced and large production cost can be effectively cut down.

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